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Snowmass Young Physicists Survey

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Snowmass YPM Mission

The Snowmass Young Physicist Movement (YPM) is formed around the idea of providing a conduit for young (untenured) particle physicists to participate in the forthcoming Community Summer Study  (known as Snowmass on the Mississippi) taking place in the summer of 2013 in Minneapolis, MN.

The first charge for the YPM will be to facilitate and encourage young people to get involved  with physics studies and meetings in preparation for Snowmass on the Mississippi. YPM will generate on online platform as well as an offline network for advertising tasks that need to be done (and those which are already being done) and connecting interested YPM members with the relevant frontiers.

 The second charge is related to a "deliverable" to the Community Summer Study. We will gather information about demographics, current at
titudes, opinions, and concerns of young physicists in the form of an online survey. This information will provide a face to the next generation of leaders ino our field and serve as a basis for discussion with senior physicsists, politicians, and funding agencies about the current and future state of our field we hope to inherit.

The next charge of the YPM is to become a long term asset to young physicists. This can be done by providing information and resources to people in high energy physics when making career descions. This includes, but is not limited to information about current and planned experiments and collaborations. Additionally we hope to provide resources for those of us who decide to take the many skills learned in physics out into the general work force.

The YPM aims to provide a chance to for young physicists to network and meet each other as well as become known outside of our particular subfield. To this end, we hope to provide meeting times, spaces, and topics of conversation leading up to and following the Snowmass on the Mississippi.

Additionally, YPM will make contact with, and gather information about, individuals who have recently left HEP. This information and these peoples experiences would be used to illustrate the broader (positive) impact members of HEP have on the wider U.S. after leaving the field as well as serve as a basis for realistic discussion on the prospects of would-be physicsists to inform their decisions on career opportunities.

Snowmass YPM Survey

Snowmass Survey is now live and taking data
Snowmass survey questions
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